Just Waldo is an offline curated vintage clothing brand based in Ghent, Belgium. What do we mean by 'curated'? It means that we personally select quality vintage items that we would wear ourselves. We select, wash, repair, and iron each piece before selling it. Thanks to this, you don't get the feeling you're shopping for secondhand clothes.

Alongside this selection, we also have our own upcycling collection of shirts. Currently, five cuts are available in different colors and sizes. These shirts are handpicked in Italy and transformed into new pieces in Ghent, Belgium, by our atelier.

Our core team consists of Grécie and Jade. Grécie founded Just Waldo in 2021, and Jade joined the team in 2022. Initially as an intern, but she soon became Grécie's right-hand. Both Grécie and Jade work full-time to grow Just Waldo step-by-step. Just Waldo has interns and job students supporting them throughout the year.



"I've always loved spending hours looking for that one quality piece in thrift-shops. I soon realised not everyone has the time, patience, nor eye, to go and find good thrifted outfits. That's why I founded Just Waldo. A brand where quality pieces are pre-selected for you, and where you don't realise you're in a vintage store. I truly believe no one needs to buy new clothes, once you find your way to a qualitative secondhand wardrobe."


All-round manager

"My passion for second-hand clothing & circular fashion came to life at an early age when my grandmother taught me how to sew. After studying fashion in Paris & having worked for some designers, I discovered the extremely harmful impact the fashion industry has on the Planet, and realized that my passion for second-hand could actually be turned in a force for good. Just Waldo gives me the chance to have a positive impact on our Planet and society, while also being able to express myself artistically & creatively."