Dad-sports hat
Dad-sports hat

Dad-sports hat

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DISCOVER Atelier Eveil Ludique SELECTION
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Condition Very good
Material Cotton
Color Black
Type Upycycled

It's hot ! It's cool ! It's in fashion ! 

Get cool dad, get a hat, with your white sneakers and high socks you'll be the king on the block !


Our lightweight hats are made for the in-and-coming hot-hot summers, because middle-aged white men in charge of the oil corporations have made it so. They didn't make the hats, they made the summe hot. And I bet you they made the summer hot-hot with their finance boogie-woogie just so they could wear a hat like this. So steal their look ! Steal their look and proudly say "I don't like what you did to our summers but I like your hat, so I will steal it and you'll be left cooking under the hot weather you've created."


Scavenged hats from unsold stocks, 60% cotton 40% poly, with Atelier Eveil Ludique tag. Velcro strap, one size fit all dad heads !




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